We are a community….get involved!

coach-strip-col-stelCoach Stela Vega

We are more than a gym, we are a community! SF Gym, WestCoast CrossFit is a supportive and inclusive gym!!

Through our community we develop friendships with people with similar aspirations and interests.

Our community needs all of us to make it grow.

Get to know the people you train with, especially new members. We all know what it is like to step in the gym for the first time and it makes it less intimidating when the people around us make us feel welcome. So introduce yourself, don’t be shy. We are all in the same boat, we all sweat, we all suffer and we all will get better together! Talk to other members about the WOD, your goals, and your other interests.

SF always participates in local competitions. Come down and be part of our cheer squad in outside/in-house competitions. Or if you want, compete and enjoy the encouragement you will receive.

If you finish your workout, offer encouragement for the people that are still working! People will always appreciate the encouragement!

Participate or keep an eye out for our social gatherings on the SF Gym Members Only Facebook page. Things to watch for are the gym fundraisers, the Open wind-up (organized by Amy Page this year), Birthday parties, Farewells and other events throughout the year (Post WOD barbecues, Adventure Races, City to Surf, Public Holiday WOD’s and later this year our Fundraiser Quiz Night).

A community with a strong foundation supports and serves us all, making SF Gym a great place to be!

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