Wazza’s 3 “P”s

Coach Wazza | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au

Coach – Warren Page

As we head into a new year, and the Christmas celebrations are behind us, many of us will make new years resolutions or new goals for 2017.

While much has been said about setting goals this past year at SF, i thought i would share with you my “3 P’s” that i have personally stuck to in 2016. These 3 P’s helped me achieve the goals i set for 2016, and helped keep me hungry for more in 2017. Hopefully they resonate with you too.

1- PLAN:

The first phase after setting your goal is planning it out. Smaller, achievable steps help us adhere to the journey, and stay on track. We must also make preparations during this time,  for instance, if you have a weight loss goal or body composition goal, acquiring a nutritionist and getting them to help prepare you and guide you through the process will be pivotal.

This may also be the case for particular training goals – want to nail down that snatch PB? Booking some time with a coach is a sure fire way to ensure you progress towards that goal.

Seek out the experts in the field you wish to have success in, will help with your planning and preparation, and set you up for success.

Planning and preparing your food, time and other aspects of your life, will ensure you take the right steps to achieving your goals.


We always want everything now. The best achievements are always things we work hard on, and often don’t come easily. This is applicable to the goals we set.

Want to improve your deadlift? Lose 10kg? Run a marathon? None of these things are easily rushed or done quickly. We work towards them, bit by bit. So work to the plan, stay patient.

Being patient also helps us deal with possible set backs along the way, as we can approach these hurdles with well thought out plans, knowing that as we overcome them our goal gets closer.


It’s very easy to get discouraged by failure. We can put so much effort into our endeavours and when our plans don’t come to fruition we often wonder what the hard work was for.

Perseverance in the face of failure and difficulty strengthens our character and hardens our resolve. Rather than be swayed by failure, let it fuel your intentions going forward.

Keep moving. Keep heading towards the next step.

Stay focused on the next task, and continue to adapt your approach.

I hope some of this resonates with you, I have found these 3 words helped to steer my mindset in the right path during 2016, hopefully they do the same for you.