Training with integrity

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Head Coach Tracy Cooper

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty

SF Gym was and still is built on integrity. In fact we pride ourselves on it. No matter where we are whether it be comps or just everyday training at the gym integrity encompasses us.

I have worked incredibly hard for the past 6 years to build one the most standout facilities in WA. I have amazing staff that represent me when I can’t be at the gym and have the same ethical values as myself. SF Gym has the highest quality equipment, largest floor space, more lifting platforms than any other facility and best programming going around. SF also has the best members and for that I am thankful.

I know that sometimes people lose count during a WOD, it happens to all of us on occasion. But is it ok when that Wall Ball got pretty close so you’ll count it or your toes almost got to the bar so you’ll count that? If you genuinely lost count then so be it, it happens, I say do an extra couple of reps if you’re not sure. But almost getting there isn’t ok. Repeat the rep if the coach doesn’t call you out on it, you are cheating yourself, your fellow members, your coaches and myself. And I take this very personally. Don’t be that guy that everyone knows shaves a few reps off just so they can beat the guy next to them. If your fellow members realise this is happening on a regular basis they may just call you out, and who wants to be called a cheater??? That’s not the kind of member SF breeds. I guess the other side of the argument is if someone has the energy to worry about what someone else is doing are they putting enough energy into their own workout? Probably not but this is what integrity is. They are adhering to their own and SF’s strong moral principles and want the best for them and for this facility. And to that I am thankful.

So here’s my tip. Do the required reps and meet the standards at all times. If you lose count do an extra couple of reps. Stop watching the clock, stop worrying about where you are going to finish, just finish and finish with integrity. And to that person who gets so worked up over that guy not doing the required amount of reps or nearly making the standard of movement, forget them and worry about yourself. Things always work themselves out, karma’s a b$%ch!

Originally published in our monthly newsletter October 2014. Like what you are reading? Sign up for our newsletter at the top right of this page.