Programming and recovery during workouts

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Coach Sam Farrell

One of the best parts of Crossfit and training at SF is that you just have to show up and train. The rest is taken care of – programming, coaching, equipment etc.

I want to take a moment to highlight the value of the programming and how it is going to allow you to become a well-rounded athlete. Yep that’s right, you’re an athlete. Like it or not, beginner or seasoned – you are. As you come in to train each day, you’ll notice the different style of workouts. Sometimes we lift heavy with large rest periods, sometimes we do short bursts then rest and sometimes we hit endurance sessions.

The programming is done like this deliberately, planned months in advance, using scientific training methods to target particular energy systems. This is something that most people don’t need to understand in depth and that’s ok. What you do need to do is trust the programming and trust the Coaches delivering that program. So when it’s 45 seconds of work, make sure you give everything you possibly can during that time. If it’s a heavy lifting day, go heavy! The Coaches will always explain to you what the aim of the workout is and guide you through to ensure you’re safe. In short, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and push your boundaries, if you’re unsure – ask! It’s what the staff are there for. We are solely interested in your success and progressing you as an athlete.

Lastly from an Exercise Physiology perspective, lets talk about recovery during workouts. When there is an intense WOD that has rest periods during or at the end – make sure you keep moving around! When we exercise at high intensity, our body ramps up all of our systems to allow maximum energy delivery. When you suddenly stop, all of those systems come to a halt abruptly and recovery slows greatly. If you get up and walk, cycle or row to cool down gradually, your body is able to remove waste products faster and return to resting state more steadily. A lot of the time it’s the last thing you want to do, but get up, walk it off.

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