Post CrossFit Open Goals

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Stu Wyper – Coach

The last 5 weeks have seen a massive amount of the gym community throw down and have a crack at the Crossfit Open. Many PB’s were hit by so many of you which was awesome to see but a lot of weaknesses in our fitness were also exposed, myself included. This leads to the next question for everyone… How do I improve those areas so that they go from a weakness to a strength?

We need to set ourselves a goal or series of goals to strive toward and have a reason to train with that extra bit of intensity and determination. If you found that there was something in the open that found you out and you want to crush next year then you need to put in place some goals to get you there.

For example if it was the bar muscle up, break the complex movement into its simpler components. Can you do a strict pull up yet? Can you do a strict bar dip yet? Can you do multiple strict reps of both? If you don’t have the basics your goal should be to get the basic components of the movement so you can piece them together at a later stage. If it was the Snatch, how good is your overhead squat? Do you need to work on your mobility and technique to get better depth in a Wallball?

Whatever your movement or skill it can be broken down it to manageable chunks that you can focus your training towards to chip away at your ultimate goal. If you didn’t do the open because you didn’t think you were “good enough” maybe a goal for you can be to sign up and have a crack next year. How do you get “good enough”? Be consistent with your training. If you are only training 2 days a week how bout setting yourself a goal to bump it up to 3 days, then 4 days and 5 days?

Having a reason to turn up to the gym makes coming to the gym a more enjoyable experience, if you’re just going through the motions and don’t have any goals of why you are turning up you need to ask yourself why you joined up in the first place. To get fit and healthy is the main reason why we all started training, now that you have been training for a while you need to refine that broad goal into a more specific goal.

We are here to help you guys achieve whatever goal you want to go for, but we can’t help you if you don’t know what you want to achieve. Ask yourself what would you like to work towards next, city to surf? Run a marathon? Do tough mudder? Compete in a local crossfit comp? The list is limitless, you just need to define it for yourself and then put in place some steps to get you there.

Here is to the next 12 months of training and the new PB’s you set in next years open. Set some goals and let’s smash them out together!!!

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