Positivity in Training

Coach Tash | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au
Tash Bradley – Coach

“I’m so bad at pull ups”

“I hate snatching, I never get any better at it”

“My mobility is terrible”

“I can’t do double unders”

“That’s too heavy for me, I’ll fail too many reps”

Who’s had one (or more) of these or similar, dictate your perception of a workout lately?

> You read the wod or listen to the coach explain the workout and let a rush of negative thoughts overtake your brain. All of a sudden, you want to run out the door (maybe you chose to not even walk in the door that day). Your breathing shortens and your heart palpitates. Your stomach tightens into a knot and you can feel your energy levels fall through the floor beneath you. You’re fixated on the thing (or things) that you’re not as competent at as others in your class, already hate the workout, and have mentally checked out before the class even starts.
You do the wod, and tick the box. “There,” you think, “I did it, hopefully it doesn’t come up again for the rest of this week!” You drop your eyes and sulk to the coach as you tell them your score, and complain to your friends how you wished something you’re ‘good’ at was in the workout instead.

Here’s the thing: most of us don’t even realise that this thought process is going on. It’s ‘normal’ to us. But these negative words and perceptions going through your head day in, day out (and most likely across other areas of your life too) are only confirming one thing:

That you are not good at movement X.

They do not help you perform better. They do not help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. They do not help your stress or anxiety levels. Whether we’re talking about CrossFit or any other area of life, a negative mindset is not conducive to getting where you want to be.

So, change it.

Change whatever negative thought you have in your head right now into a positive one.

Let’s take the above scenario again…

“I get to practice my pull ups in the wod!”

“I’m going to work on driving my heels through the floor with my snatches today”

“I’m going to get a trigger point ball and release my pec to improve my overhead position before class ”

“Yes! I have an opportunity to work on my double unders in the wod today.”

“I’m going to try the amber weight today – I already know I can do red!”

> You read the wod or listen to the coach explain the workout and feel a rush of excitement. You see opportunities to improve your skills today, and you can’t wait! You reflect on how far you’ve come with the movement/s and what you’ve been working on. You warm up with a purpose and focus on what you want to get out of the workout.
You do the wod, every rep done to the absolute best of your ability. “Awesome,” you think, “I did all those reps!” You run over to the coach & excitedly tell them your score, sharing your success on improving that movement – even just a little bit – today, asking for their thoughts on how to improve even more. You leave class with a smile on your face, laughing with your friends sharing the experience of the last hour.

Changing your thoughts is not as simple as flipping a switch. You need to actively work on this every single day – and CrossFit is the perfect place to commit to practicing. Because when you do:

  • your performance will increase
  • you’ll enjoy your exercise (and life!) a lot more
  • you’ll start making more progress towards where you want to be (whether that’s in a movement or skill, career, or otherwise)
  • you’ll realise you’re capable of anything that you truely set your mind to
Sound cliche? Actively change your thoughts (and words) at CrossFit into positive ones every day for 4 weeks. Really change them – believe in them. Decide those positive thoughts are true and correct.

And see what happens! 😉

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” – Henry David Thoreau