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Memberships are paid via our direct debit system and can be paid 4 or 2 weekly, there are no contracts. The direct debit can be cancelled with 5-7 days notice.

Unlimited Standard Membership – $205 – 4 weekly
Unlimited CrossFit classes up to once a day, 7 days a week. Plus weightlifting, mobility, and endurance WOD. Saturday’s you can do. On day’s weightlifting class is on you can do a CrossFit/Endurance class PLUS weightlifting, same goes for mobility

Full Membership – $250 – 4 weekly
As above for Weightlifting membership open gym access (outlined below). Please be aware there can be short notice cancellation of some open gym times, our class reservation system will show availability (7.30 to 12noon or 4pm to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8-9.30am Sunday’s).

Specific Program – Price on Application
This membership allows you to have a specific program written for you to achieve your goals. You must have completed 3 months of CrossFit classes prior to being considered to go on program. You are able to use the gym during class times as well as OPEN GYM times to complete your program. You must not interrupt the class that is running or seek advice from any of the coaches as it is believed you are competent to work on your own and have sound technique. If you are seen not to have sound technique and we believe you are at a high risk of injuring yourself we have the right to take you off the program and put you back into the CrossFit classes.


  • Single CrossFit class –
  • Casual week – expires in 10 days – 
  • Pack of ten classes, expires in 2 months – 
  • Pack of ten classes, expires in 12 months –

If you are interested in attending a casual class (need to be an existing CrossFitter), please check out our Existing CrossFitter page to read more.


We do offer FIFO memberships, these are priced dependant on what the swing is 2/2, 8/6 etc, please drop us an email to enquire.

Please note there are no refunds given to unused memberships or sessions.