Failure and perspective in CrossFit

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Coach Richie Lombardi

Failure not often a word we want to hear when referring to anything let alone CrossFit. But failure is a necessary part of growth and enables us to know where we can improve. Failure doesn’t close doors but opens up new ones and coincides with perspective. Wherever along the line of CrossFit you started whether you were a total beginner or had some skill set to start with, always look back at the start and if you’ve trained with consistency you will see progression. Understand that progression is not a linear relationship you will have failures and dips along the way but with perspective you will see two steps forward one backwards. Don’t get caught up in the one step backwards progression that has happened. Be happy and embrace that step forward, this will only fuel that fire to get better and nail that step. Always remember that CrossFit is a collage of small pictures that when you step back from will eventually form that desired picture you want. The time that takes will vary but each small picture contributes, so keep adding them along the way and never lose sight of the big picture.

Coach Stu Wyper posted the following video to our members page, showing a compilation of his fails on the lead up to his latest State weightlifting competition showing the hard work and fails that went into his success on the day! He did a personal best with a 104kg clean and jerk at bodyweight of 76kg for a total of 177kg. Congrats Stu!

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