CrossFit Terminology

Mayli Snatch | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au CrossFit terminology is full of acronyms and abbreviations like AMRAP, EMOM, REP and other unique phrasing! Here is a list of common terms and phrases you’ll come across:

  • AMRAP As many rounds/reps as possible
  • BW Body weight
  • EMOM Every minute on the minute
  • HSPU  Handstand push up
  • KB  Kettlebell
  • LTW  These are 3 rotator cuff exercises we use in our warm ups, specific to SF Gym
  • MU  Muscle up
  • OHS  Overhead squat
  • PR Personal record
  • REP Reptition
  • RX, as RX’d  As prescribed, as written
  • RM Rep Max
  • SDHP Sumo deadlift high pull
  • T2B Toes to bar
  • WOD Workout of the day