CrossFit Open

Coach Richie Lombardie bar muscle up| SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au
Coaches Tip – Coach Richie Lombardi

It’s that time of year people it’s Open season once again if you’ve participated in the open before you know what you’re in for 5 workouts across 5 weeks, being in the hurt locker for days after. Nothing compares to waiting with baited breath for the workout announcements getting angry with Dave Castro for putting some ludicrous motion in there nothing but good times. If you’re new or never had a shot at the open here are some reasons to give it a go.

Uncover a new weakness
I know what you’re thinking, Rich a new weakness? I’ve got like 10! So this one may apply for some advanced folks but on the other hand it adds another skill of which you can get better at and who doesn’t want to get better?

You might surprise yourself
On the flipside to the first one you might actually shock yourself and do something amazing. Can’t get a muscle up to save your life during training who knows you could bust out 5 or 6. It’s been done before. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to do something spectacular.

Unleash your competitive spirit
Not the competitive type, the open is great for unleashing that inner competitor. Whether it be an inner fight for reps or bragging rights against friends. Nothing like the open to add some spice to Crossfit.

Building Crossfit community
Nothing like having your judge and a cheer squad to help you get through those last reps in an open workout, that’s what Crossfit community is. Beyond that sharing your experiences of open workouts with friends and family reinforce and help build our Crossfit community.

Of course last but not least have FUN! Enjoy the experience. It’s what has bought you here.