Classes Offered

At SF you’ll find the following classes:

CrossFit Classes

These could be anything from a time-based workout to a strength day involving Deadlifting, Pressing, Snatch to name a few. You’ll find the classes are varied enough to keep you interested and looking forward to the next day’s training!

Our CrossFit classes run Monday to Saturday, these classes are programmed with a lot of consideration. SF Gym uses periodisation (highs and lows) in its programming to get you fit and strong whilst staying injury free! We alternate strength/power days with conditioning (aerobic and anaerobic) days to give you the best out of your training.

Mobility Class

This class runs Saturday mornings at 9.30am and is one we recommend to all members. Coach will run you through their bag of mobility tricks to keep you moving well as well as teaching you self maintenance using foam rollers and triggerpoint balls.

Open Gym

OPEN GYM times (8-11.30am and 4-5pm Monday to Thursday, and 3-5pm Friday’s, and Sunday 8am to 9.30am). Open gym can be used during class times but classes take precedence over equipment and space, please chat to the Coach on duty regarding your needs, especially when it’s busy so everyone is sorted!

Parents n Bubs Class

This class is the same CrossFit class that everyone else does with the added bonus of you being able to bring your child. The session runs 8.45-9.45am Monday to Friday and is for those parents that would like to bring their child with them and want a workout. Parents can stop where required to attend to their children and still get a workout.

A gym can be a dangerous place for small people, so we will require you to either keep your baby in a pram or in the enclosure supplied by SF. They are not to be on the gym floor or walking around the gym.

Having trouble getting to the gym during the school holidays? Well this time slot is also for you during this period. Bring the iPad, iPhone or whatever the gadget of the moment is! We do ask all children to stay off the equipment and stay to the side of the gym floor we don’t want anyone to get injured.

*The fine print. This 8.45am class is for those members that need to bring their child with them. Not for members that like the idea of a 8.45am class. The coach on duty is not a babysitter, so they won’t be able to attend to your child during the session, they are there to coach you!


Running on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and Saturday’s at 7.30am we highly recommend this class. It’s an hour of technique specifically aimed at helping members improve their lifting technique. We cover snatch, cleans and jerks in this class. Members on weightlifting and full membership are able to attend.