2018 Benchmark Series

SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au

We’re proud and excited to announce our 2018 SF Benchmark Series.

We all know that CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. The goal of that training method is to increase our work capacity across broad time and modal domains. And we measure our success (measure our increase of fitness) by doing benchmark workouts that we can retest throughout a year, or over many years to make sure that our approach to fitness is moving us toward the goal.

We wanted to formalise a test and retest and hence the benchmark series has been created for 2018. Our Benchmark Series consists of 4 CrossFit benchmark workouts, two open workouts, 3 lifts, and one endurance test to perform every three months for the course of one year. The workouts were carefully selected to ensure a wide variety of time domains, movement patterns, combinations of movements, complexity of movements, and loading.

The series will run from January 2018 through December 2018. You’ll see a series once a week for ten weeks, then a 2 week break and then we’ll continue the pattern, so we work through the year. I’ll be including the series into our day to day programming at SF, working around things like the open etc.

We are pleased to introduce to you the workouts for 2018 (not listed in any particular order below). We’ll be listing the entire workout for all ten as they are launched, they’ll also be recorded in SugarWOD as SF benchmarks so you can track your own results:

We can’t wait to kick this off next year and look forward to seeing your progress and improvement! If you’ve been looking to start CrossFit 2018 is a great year to kick off with us! We’ll also be celebrating 10 years in business, what an achievement, thanks to our community of members past and present!