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There’s a lot of information on this page!! For those of you that like it short and sweet this is what we cover below, click on each link to go that part of the page or, if you just want to get started, skip straight to the I’m ready to get started part of this page or fill out the getting started form below! For the rest of you, have a read and then fill out the getting started form below to enquire about our next on ramp sessions kicking-off and receive further reading about CrossFit. You can also book into a free trial CrossFit class.  Complete the details at the Free CrossFit Trial class to enquire about the next available session and to book in.

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On Ramp, the details

What do you learn during On Ramp?

Our Memberships

Ok I’m ready to get started!

Do I have to be fit to join up?

The simple answer is not at all!!!

You can be of any fitness level, age, gender etc, We can scale any workout to suit any individual.

It is very easy to get started at SF Gym, the first thing you need to do is complete our On Ramp program. Here at SF Gym we pride ourselves on ensuring our athletes get taught the best technique, we won’t settle for sub standard movement. The On Ramp program is an in depth course teaching you the “Fundamental Movements of CrossFit” we also throw in a few extra exercises for good measure!

On Ramp – the details

To get you into classes we run you through our On Ramp program.

The On Ramp program runs for 2 hours on Sunday’s at 9.30am. This must be completed before joining the classes. If you’re unable to make the Sunday session alternative on ramps can be organised on request please contact us to enquire.

On ramp cost is $205 per person and includes your first 4 weeks training with an upgrade to include our weightlifting technique classes and unlimited once a day CrossFit classes, that starts on completion of on-ramp (no refunds given to unused sessions). We are aware that this may not suit every individual due to work commitments etc, we will try to accommodate this where we can. Alternatively, one on one PT sessions can be arranged, please note times are limited.

A new On Ramp program starts every week, so make sure you contact us to secure your place in the next course.

What do you learn during On Ramp?


At the start of each session using foam rollers and trigger point balls we go through mobility drills to get you supple and moving well.


Over the course of the sessions we will go through the following foundational movements:

  • squat series (air squat, front squat and overhead squat),
  • press series (shoulder, push press and split jerk)
  • deadlift and clean series (deadlift, hang power clean, hang clean, power clean and clean)
  • snatch series (olympic lift and a specific warm up)
  • We also include some WOD’S (workout of the day) with some of the sessions

THEN before we send you off to classes the coach will run you through the “what to expects” to begin your time with us at SF and help you get the best out of your time with us.

Our Memberships

Head to our Fees page to read about what each membership level entitles you to.

  • Unlimited Standard Membership $205 four weekly, unlimited CrossFit classes once a day, plus weightlifing technique 7pm Wednesday and 7.30am Saturday
  • Full Membership $250 four weekly, as above plus open gym access

Please note there are no refunds given to unused memberships or sessions.

We use Mindbody for tracking memberships and recording pertinent information about our members like any specific health considerations or past injuries, this assists our Coaching staff in getting to know you and assist you with your specific needs. Attending classes at SF you will need to reserve your classes, numbers are not capped, so don’t be concerned about missing out! Our Coaches are experienced in managing classes and accommodating the needs for our members which in turn gives you the best possible experience.

Ok, I’m ready to Get Started!

Please fill out the new enquiry form at the top of the page to receive further information on CrossFit including links to useful videos and more reading.