Member Portal

Going on holidays or need a membership hold? Please fill out the form below.

We do require 7 days notice and a minimum hold period of 14 days (eg: 14, 21, 28…) when putting your membership on hold. Holds are to be in 7 day increments so please choose dates that reflect this.

Depending on the start date of your hold request, your next membership payment will be revised to accommodate the hold. We will email you within 3-4 working days of your request confirming your hold and payment details.

One hold per member per year, additional holds will incur a $10 admin fee.

Sign in to Mindbody to reserve classes

You’re required to sign in and reserve classes at SF, if at any time you are having issues signing-in, please come to class and approach the coach so they can help you.

Sign in using the following methods:


At the URL: CLICK HERE and enter your username and password in the TOP RIGHT CORNER to login or in the box that says LOG IN and reserve classes under your membership (don’t use the Create Account login, you’ll just create a new account with no membership attached)


New members to SF: please refer to the email we send you including your username and showing you how to sync your membership to the APP and then DOWNLOAD the iOs or Android App or read this link how to RESYNC your membership to the APP