Getting Started

“Do I have to be fit to join up?” The simple answer is no!!!

You can be of any fitness level, age, gender etc, we can scale any workout to suit any individual. We truly have all walks of life in every session. It is very easy to get started at SF Gym, the first thing you need to do is complete our Fundamentals program. Here at SF Gym we pride ourselves on ensuring our athletes get taught the best technique, we don’t settle for sub standard movement. The Fundamentals program is an in depth course teaching you the “9 Fundamental Movements of CrossFit” plus an overview of “What is CrossFit?”, we also throw in a few extra exercises for good measure! Each session you will learn 2-3 exercises plus complete a mini workout so make sure you are ready to work.

We know a lot of you have had previous experience in fitness which is great, this program will help hone some of those already known skills and further advance them. For those of you that don’t have any experience in fitness never fear as this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn some basic movements and start developing as an athlete.


It is a prerequisite for every new member to complete our Fundamentals program unless you hold a current CrossFit Level 1 Certification or have completed a Fundamentals program at another registered CrossFit Affiliate. Please provide details.

The Fundamentals program runs over 4 sessions in 2 weeks. All 4 sessions must be completed before joining the classes and must be completed in order. Sessions are run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7.30AM-8.30amĀ  AND Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7.00-8pm. Cost is $160 per person, no refunds given to unused sessions. A new Fundamentals program starts every 2 weeks so make sure you contact us to secure your place in the next course. If you miss one of the 4 sessions a catchup PT session will be required, these are $85 per session. Classes cannot commence until all Fundamentals are complete.

It is compulsory to pay for your first month of training on completion of your Fundamentals program. Why? You ask… The reason for this is we have invested time into you throughout the Fundamentals and we expect you to invest some time back to us! Plus we also find that if you start straight away you have a far better chance of sticking with the program and that’s what we are looking for you to do.

We are aware that this may not suit every individual due to work commitments etc, we will try to accommodate this where we can. Alternatively one on one PT sessions can be arranged if the scheduled times aren’t suitable, price to be quoted on request. Please note this is not the preferred way of running the Fundamentals course.

If you have been a member of SF Gym previously but have left for a period greater than 3 months you MUST complete a PT session with a Coach before starting again. Cost is $85

Please note there is no refunds given to unused memberships or sessions.


Standard Membership $175 per month – this membership allows you to come as many times as you like in that month up to once per day. Please be aware that once the class is finished you do have to leave. Includes mobility class on Thursday’s at 7pm.

Weightlifting Membership $210 per month – this membership allows you to come as many times as you like in that month up to once per day. Please be aware that once the class is finished you do have to leave. Includes weightlifting technique on Wednesday’s at 7pm and Saturday’s at 7.30am as well as mobility class on Thursday’s at 7pm.

Full Membership $230 per month – this membership allows you to come as many times as you like in that month plus use of the OPEN GYM times (8-12pm and 2-5pm). Open gym can be used during class times but classes take precedence over equipment and space. Includes weightlifting technique and mobility classes.

Specific Program POA – this membership allows you to have a specific program written for you to achieve your goals. You must have completed 3 months of CrossFit classes prior to being allowed to have this membership. You are allowed to use the gym during class times as well as OPEN GYM times to complete your program. You must not interrupt the class that is running or seek advice from any of the coaches as it is believed you are competent to work on your own and have perfect technique. If you are seen not to have perfect technique and we believe you are at a high risk of injuring yourself we have the right to take you off the program and put you back into the CrossFit classes.


Before you register with us, take the time to download the New Member Kit, print it out, read, complete where necessary and bring with you. It will help cut down time when you come in for your first fundamentals class.

Once you’ve done that, head to the Become a Member page and sign up!