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Top 5 reasons your kids should attend SF Gym’s CrossFit Kids classes

Tracy Cooper, Head Coach & Owner

There’s not a day that goes past that I wish I had of been exposed to CrossFit Kids as a child. I know how much it would have complimented my sports growing up as well as set me up for greater success as an adult by improving my resilience in life in general. I am so incredibly lucky to shape the kids of our future on a daily basis. Every day they walk into SF Gym they come with such an openness to learn and to improve. They never want to let you down and as a coach you don’t want to let them down.

The top 5 reasons CrossFit Kids will benefit your children:

  1. Improved strength – this is something you should never be afraid of, yes kids can get strong and it’s ok. The way we do this is by utilizing their own body weight. Children have an incredible power to weight ratio and this something we want to them to keep as they grow. Our program is designed to develop children into the strongest versions of themselves. As they get older we start to introduce actual load, this is dependant on each individual as to when it occurs and we evaluate this to ensure they are ready.
  2. Improved conditioning – we want your kids to be challenged at every session. Every class works on improving their aerobic capacity. This transfers into every aspect of their lives plus improves their health. Who doesn’t want their child to be the fittest they can be?
  3. Improved balance and coordination – these are elements of fitness that often go unaddressed. At SF Gym we are constantly introducing new movements that will improve balance and coordination. From speed ladders to learning the Olympic lifts to single-leg work to name a few. We work the vestibular system (inner ear and brain) at every session, this helps with balance, vision, hearing, cognitive development and psychological issues.
  4. Complements other sports – this is the sole reason your kids should attend CrossFit Kids at SF Gym. It builds a solid foundation for their chosen sport from footy to surfing to gymnastics. Visit https://www.fit2bmom.com, to see what you will need for gymnastics. There is no sport we can’t assist your kids with.
  5. Better humans – we strongly believe we are empowering your children to become the best people going around. They not only get incredibly fit and strong but also learn valuable lessons such as camaraderie and mate ship, integrity and perseverance, resilience and a strong mindset.

For me the best reason is number five. My 5 year old son has just started CrossFit Kids at SF Gym and already I can see the changes in him. He’s always trained alongside me since he could walk but now seeing him apart of the amazing community we have built for our kids I can see the benefits ten fold. The improvement in his strength, conditioning, balance and coordination has not only given him more confidence but I can see how it has affected his sports of weightlifting, swimming and Auskick. I can’t wait to get my youngest son into it soon. If you’re not sure then why not come in and trial a class, I guarantee you and your child won’t be disappointed.

Our CrossFit Kids and Teens program has been running for just over a year now with terrific success. Term 3 will be kicking off Monday 17 July, read below for details. Term 3 will run Monday 17 July through to 22 September 2017 and we will have the following available:

  • SF Kids ages 6-12*, sessions run for 40-45mins on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 4pm.
  • SF Teens ages 13-16*, sessions run for 45-50mins on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4pm.

Fees are paid up front and no refunds given to unused sessions. If choosing 1 session per week for the term you must stay in that chosen session day/time for the duration of the term.

SF Kids 

  • $175 per term for 2 sessions per week
  • $145 per term for 1 session per week

SF Teens

  • $195 per term for 2 sessions per week
  • $165 per term for 1 session per week.

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CrossFit Kids | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au CrossFit Kids | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au








CrossFit Kids | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au

CrossFit Kids | SF Gym | West Coast CrossFit | Perth, Australia | www.sfgym.com.au







* Please note it is up to the coach’s discretion to which class they believe the child should be in depending on ability and maturity. The ages above are a guide. Do contact us if you’d like to discuss your child if you’re unsure which group would fit for them.