SF Gym prides itself on customer service, however don’t take our word for it, hear what customers of ours have to say….

“Just wanted to say a great big thanks Tracy and the team at SF Gym for all your help over the last  4 months, cant  believe it’s been that short. Never thought I would get to were I am today (running) ever again, so was blown away by running 4 miles (31mins, where did that come from!!!) when my furthest since my accident was 2 x 400m and can only put it down to all your persistence, staged build up and the 6am crews cheers of support. Screw the doctors what did they know (I’ve  got Tracy and CrossFit) so rewrite the rules please.” – S Watson

“I embarked on the CrossFit experience looking for something different and challenging to shake up my fitness regime and help get results. In just one month I have lost 2.5kg and have noticed an increase in both strength and endurance. Each workout is challenging and fun. I look forward to more results in the near future.” – A. Tosi

“I joined SF Gym after previously training with a personal trainer at traditional gyms with the goal of adding muscle and bulking up, without much success. In just a few months, I have put on muscle I never thought possible, while also gaining improved fitness, endurance, strength and power. SF Gym is a fun, friendly and positive atmosphere, which, when coupled with the variety of workouts CrossFit has to offer, means I have found it easier to stay motivated and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend SF Gym to people of all ages and fitness level.” – R. Anderson

“I’ve always wanted to look and feel stronger. I’ve tried training programs on my own as well as group classes without much success. Since starting with Tracy I’ve been very pleased with the improvement in my strength, shape and overall fitness. Tracy is knowledgeable, friendly and very professional in her approach. With her encouragement I train at a much higher level than I could ever do on my own. Not only am I seeing results, our training sessions are always fun and enjoyable. Without hesitation I recommend Tracy as a personal trainer to anyone who is serious about achieving their fitness goals.”
– M. Middendorp

“I’m middle aged and carry some old sporting injuries. Tracy has skillfully directed my training to overcome any weaknesses and significantly improve my fitness and strength. Our sessions are never repetitive or boring – it’s tough, but fun and rewarding. I would highly recommend the team from SF Gym to people of all ages” – R. Crabb

“This is the best my body has felt in nearly 3 years, I’m feeling muscles I’d forgotten! I feel strong again after my injury and incredibly motivated to get back into shape. It’s wonderful! I’m wrapped that Tracy is guiding me through this process. Thank you my PT Guru Lady” – K. Shakespeare

“The level of service that SF Gym provided was second to none. I will continue to train with them for a long time, you’re not a number at SF Gym you’re a person almost part of their family ” – P. Smith

SF Gym (West Coast CrossFit)

SF Gym in action!