This page has answers to some of the questions about SF Gym CrossFit Training we get asked most frequently.

Do I need to be fit before I join?

No, we provide a complete fundamentals package that will build correct technique and fitness to build a solid foundation to achieve desired fitness goals.

What if I can’t do the workout as prescribed?

The workouts are designed to be scaled to individual ability. If using an unweighted bar or half the number of reps or time leaves you on the floor exhausted than that in itself is enough, we prepare training and classes to suit your ability. As you progress you will achieve the workout as prescribed or even surpass it.

Is it suitable for women?

Yes, biologically there is no difference between the make up of muscle between females and males, women are able to achieve the same strength to weight ratios that men can achieve.

It is far more difficult for women to build muscle mass as their bodies do not produce enough hormones to promote large muscle growth.

So without the use of supplements it is unlikely you will see any major changes in muscle mass. However increased performance, fitness, health, more muscle definition and loss of body fat can be expected with regular training and suitable diet.

Do I have to complete the Fundamentals Program?

In short yes! Unless you have had prior experience at another certified CrossFit Gym where you completed their Fundamentals/Foundations course or completed the CrossFit Level 1 Certification .

I love it! How Do I Get Started?

If you head over to our Getting Started page, this will help you take the next step to starting with us.