About Us

SF Gym is a dedicated facility that is results driven and customer focused. We offer
functional fitness workouts including CrossFit classes, personal training and full gym facility.
Our training methods are based around workouts that are designed to be constantly varied
and personally challenging.

We build strength, power, speed and endurance by utilising full body motion strength
, with periods of high intensity cardio.

With our ability to provide a wide range of training tools including free weights, dumbbells,
kettlebells, sandbags, gymnastic rings, body weight, tyres, ropes, plyometric boxes
and many more, we are able to achieve results that can sometimes be dramatic.

Workouts are designed to be scaled for the individual, from elite level athletes to the
elderly. The principles of training do not change, only load, duration and individual

By using variable and challenging workouts an individual can also develop
their balance, posture, technique and coordination.

The benefits from increased performance and health can not only be measured by the
ability to conduct every day tasks in the home and workplace but also the ability for
recreational pursuit and sports events that were previously out of reach.

As an affiliate of CrossFit we are able to offer CrossFit workouts from our gym in Perth. For those new to CrossFit or have never experienced the training available, contact us for more information or register on our E-List.

For a complete definition of CrossFit and related fitness articles visit What is CrossFit or the CrossFit main site.

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